Executive Board

Chairman: Doug Maute

Vice-Chair: Vinny Napolitano

Secretary: Richelle Rabenou

Treasurer: Judd Van Dervort

Parliamentarian: Lynne Gallo

County Committee Members serve for two-year terms. Each district in Moorestown is represented by a male and female Republican, elected directly by Republican voters in their district.

If there is a vacancy in your Committee District, please contact us to get involved!


District One

John Logue & Kathy Logue

District Two

Doug Dillon & Lorraine Bedard

District Three

Peter Miller & Noreen Fitzgerald

District Four

Jeff Fortune & Jamie Lyn Boren

District Five

Adam Scaramella & Loretta Runyan

District Six

Chris Chiacchio & Susie Blank

District Seven

Vinny Napolitano & Victoria Napolitano

District Eight

Doug Maute & Sarah Maute

District Nine

Jack Twomey & Richelle Rabenou

District Ten

Mark Villanueva & Lorie Schmetterling

District Eleven

Fred Sutherland & Tara Prindible

District Twelve

VACANT (Male Seat) & Stephanie Kratt

District Thirteen

Dennis Basara & VACANT (Female Seat)

District Fourteen

Judd Van Dervort & Sylvia Wower

District Fifteen

Dan McMillan & Stacey Jordan

District Sixteen

Chris Buoni & Debbie Brown-Zelner

District Seventeen

Mike Locatell & Lynn Locatell

District Eighteen

Brandon Pugh & Sue Ambrose

District Nineteen

Rob Kastner & Lynne Gallo

District Twenty

Joe Ruccolo & Mimi Warburton