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Moorestown Republican Club Mission:

  • To further understanding between its members and the Republican candidates;
  • To raise funds for the Republican Party;
  • To endorse and work for the election of duly nominated Republican candidates who are seeking election to municipal, county, state, and federal offices; and
  • To develop, promote, and support programs that will better our community, including the promotion of the virtues, offered by the Moorestown Republicans who, by election or appointment to township positions, have made Moorestown one of the most desirable places to live.

History of the Moorestown Republican Club:

There are two phases into which the history of the Moorestown Republican Club can be divided. There were the early years, when the Club was comprised of a small group of residents whose primary goal was advancing citizenship principles by educating the electorate. By all accounts, the Club was small in size and limited in scope. After a period of relative inactivity, new leaders emerged who brought the Club into what may be called the modern era. During this time the Club, not only became a hub of political and social interaction, but also proved to be a vital part of the efforts of Republican leaders to finance the increasing costs of getting their messages to the voting public.

On April 2, 1936, five trustees formed the Moorestown Republican Club. James M. Conroy, Henry J. Sherman, Benjamin M. Haines, Evan F. Benners and Roscoe C. Lockwood were the incorporators who held their meetings at 3 East Main Street. The original corporate agent was Walter F. Middleton. After a period of relative inactivity that reached its nadir in the 1960s, a group of forward thinking Republicans set about to revitalize the organization and redefine the Club’s role in our community. The first President of the Club, Jim Honan, took office in 1970 and served three, one- year terms. Perhaps more than anything, a list of the Club’s presidents from that point forward chronicles best the emergence of the Club as an increasingly important part of the fabric of the Moorestown Republican Party.

During this modern era of Club leaders, the organization grew in membership and resources. Meetings were held that provided both political and community information to the members. Communications evolved from a periodical newsletter, Trunklines, to electronic mailings and, finally, the website you now have accessed. The Club’s annual brunch held each Spring became one of the most widely attended Republican gatherings in South Jersey, hosting current and future leaders of the State and national Republican Party.

The Club evolved from a small group interested in voter awareness to a large organization that, together with the local County Committee and elected Republican office holders, works tirelessly to promote the ideals of Republican leaders to the public and members alike.Like our society, the Club has changed over the years, but its focus on helping good people become a part of effective government bodies is a continuing hallmark of the Moorestown Republican Club and the members who make it such an integral part of Moorestown’s Republican Party.


2022 Executive Board


Jamie Boren

Brandon Pugh

Mike Locatell